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What is the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge?

The 52-Week Money Saving Challenge is a money saving challenge that spans over the course of 52 weeks. On Week 1 you save $1, on Week 2 you save $2, and so on until you reach Week 52 where you save $52. If you successfully follow the challenge you will end up with $1,378 at the end of the year! It's definitely not an easy challenge to complete so read some of these tips to give you the best chance at completing your money saving challenge.

Variations We Offer

There are many variations to the "classic" 52-Week Savings Challenge - here are a few of the variations we offer:

In this challenge variation the savings schedule is reversed, so you save $52 in Week 1, $51 in Week 2, and so on until Week 52 where you save $1.

Many people find this variation easier because money is usually tighter at the end of the year during the Holidays. In this variation all the heavy savings is done at the beginning of the year.

In this challenge variation the savings amount is split evenly across all 52 weeks.

If you'd like a more aggressive savings schedule, you can increase the savings amount by any multiple that suits your budget. This is great for people who have already completed a classic 52-Week Money Challenge and are looking for an increased challenge or for people who have a little more money in their budget to work with.

You can use our custom tool to create a customized 52-week money challenge printable chart for any of the variations we offer above!



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